Universal Seat Belt Cover Car Safety Belt Extender 3 Size Seat Belt Extension Plug Buckle Seatbelt Clip Auto Accessories


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  • Brand Name: EAFC
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Item Length: 23cm
  • Material Type: Seat Belt Extension Plug Buckle Seatbelt Clip Auto Accessories
  • Item Type: Seat Belts & Padding
  • Special Features: Seat Belt Extension Plug Buckle Seatbelt Clip Auto Accessories
  • Item Weight: 0.115kg
  • Item Width: 4.7cm
  • Model Name: Seat Belt Cover Car Safety Belt Extender 3 Size Seat Belt
  • External Testing Certification: CCC
Shopping Tips:
1.This product can be used for models with bolt width of 2.1cm-2.2cm. Most cars are of this size.
2. If the bolt of your vehicle is 2.45cm-2.53cm, please do not buy it.
3. It's better to check the width of the iron sheet of the original car. The size of the original car is more than 2.2CM or the iron sheet of the metal part whose length is less than 3cm can't be used.

★Note: (The following models cannot be used)
Subaru Forester, Sylphy. Old Toyota Reiz, Old RAV4 (before 2013 or 2013), Toyota Yizhi, Lexus 270, Old Crown (available for 2015), Camry, 2007-2013 Corolla, Buick Gl8 Firstland, Honda City , Kia Smart Run, New Tiida, Hyundai Mingtu, Hyundai Rena, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Shengda, Hyundai Sunda, Wrangler, Kopac, Koleo, Kia Xinjiale, Shuer, Jeep Compass, Wrangler, Freelancer, Mazda 5, Alto, Big Dipper, Liana, Jimny, Mazda 3 Star Cheng, Mazda 3 Enclave, Liwei, Kia K2, K4, Kia KX3, Xiali A+, Xiali N3, Xiali N5, Opel Andra, Geely Pride, Old Geely America and Japan, Old Geely Vision, King Kong (2015 models can be used), Old Liberty, Lincoln MKT, Pentium X80, Dongfeng Xiaokang K17, Maple, Southeast Futura, Beijing Shenbao D50 and S50, 14 models Volvo V40, Volvo S60 series, Mitsubishi Outlander, Pajero V73, 08 Lefeng, Ssangyong SUV, Fengshen A30, Fengshen A60 and AX70, AX7, 06 CRV, 08 LaCrosse, 05 Excelle, Changan Hafei Van, Heyue RS, Shuanghuan Noble, Angcore, (BYD Tang, S6, G3, G5, G6), 08 BYDF3.

Please be sure to accurately determine the width of the metal bolts of the [front row] or [rear row] where you need to use it before buying, because some models have different widths of the front and rear bolts, and the middle and both sides of the rear bolts The width is also not uniform.

Warm Tip : You cannot measure the width with a tape measure. If the tape measure has shrinkage, please use a caliper to measure it more accurately.

1. product performance: insert and open the product repeatedly to see if there are any sticking and unsmooth phenomena. good products can be inserted and opened smoothly (compared with your own car), and the button part of the tried products is still bright.

2. The thickness of the belt is between 1mm and 1.2mm. (1mm is required by the national standard and 1.2mm is required by the European standard). The thickness of the mounting plate of the mounting screw is 3mm. There is a plastic pad at the connection between the belt and the iron to protect the belt from damage

3, the number of sewing stitches should be more, and the tension of sewing thread should be large.

4, pattern sewing line head treatment beautiful.

5. There is no bright surface of water chestnut on the buckle, and it will not fade after repeated insertion and opening


seat extension belt

total length: 23cm, width: 47mm, thickness: 1.13MM, socket width: 21.5mm


100% high strength polyester



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